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Emergency Department Crowding: Download Our White Paper Now!

July 16th, 2021
Emergency Department Crowding

Emergency Department Crowding: A Comprehensive Overview Of A Hospital-Wide Issue

electronRx is part of a growing international consortium of senior Emergency Medicine Consultants from the NHS, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and a number of leading US hospital systems who have come together to tackle the long-standing challenge of emergency department (ED) crowding once and for all.

We have published this white paper to serve as the definitive guide to understanding this problem and developing an AI-driven solution to overcome it.

Contents of the white paper:
- Defining the problem of ED crowding
- Identifying the causes of the problem
- Examining its impact on patient care
- Examining its impact on quality of care delivery
- Examining the economic impact of crowding
- Evaluating the limitations of current solutions
- Defining a roadmap for future exploration
- Why AI/ML can help to tackle ED crowding once and for all

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