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electronRx harnesses the power of digital biomarkers and endpoints to revolutionize chronic care. orangeDx is a clinically validated cardiopulmonary measurement device, empowering patients and healthcare professionals to manage chronic conditions effectively, leading to improved patient outcomes.

orangeDx: Pioneering Digital Biomarker Solution

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orangeDx is your digital biomarker solution for monitoring drug effectiveness in cardiopulmonary conditions.

Our scalable technology is medical grade, having been developed for and continuously used in a clinical setting with 400+ patients.

Utlilising our innovative foneDx technology, orangeDx is medically validated for cardiopulmonary conditions in worldwide settings.

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Develop a customisable partnership to suit your specific digital biomarker requirements

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Clinical Stage

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Atrial Fibrillation (AF), Cardiovascular Disease (CV)

Medical grade technology, developed for and continuously used in a clinical setting with 400+ cardiopulmonary patients worldwide.

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orangeDx: Specialised Clinical Solution

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orangeDx serves as a specialised clinical tool within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, focusing on detecting, monitoring, and intervening in cardiopulmonary diseases. Its primary goal is to enhance patient outcomes and optimise drug effectiveness.

Integrating digital biomarker monitoring alongside prescribed medications represents a forward-thinking strategy in healthcare management. With orangeDx's advanced technology, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies gain access to real-time physiological data, empowering professionals to tailor treatments for individual patients, leading to enhanced therapeutic outcomes.

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orangeDx Enables You to Reach Your Project Goals Efficiently:

Life cycle management

Deep learning

Digital biomarker management integration with drug prescriptions 

Exploratory data analysis 

Real world data on treatment effectiveness and side effect

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Enhance therapeutic options

Compliance and adherence monitoring

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Customisable partnership options to suit your specific requirements 

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electronRx partner with healthcare providers, payers and pharmaceutical companies across the globe, harnessing the power of digital biomarkers to manage chronic conditions effectively.


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