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Digitalisation of Chronic Disease Management: Download Our White Paper Now!

March 8th 2023
Chronic Disease

Digitalisation Of Chronic Disease Management: Addressing The Epidemic & Transforming Patient Care

electronRx has compiled this white paper alongside leading clinical expertise from the NHS to provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges surrounding chronic disease prevention and management.

Inside, we provide a blueprint for transforming our approach to chronic care from reactive to proactive, including the role of digital health technology in facilitating this and securing the sustainability of our healthcare systems.

Contents of the white paper:
- Summarising the scale & impact of the chronic disease epidemic
- Drilling down into the drivers of the problem
- Examining challenges in disease prevention
- Examining challenges in disease management
- Outlining the solution & a blueprint for remedying these challenges
- Exploring the wider implications of this new approach to chronic care

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