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CEO & Founder: Dr Bipin Patel

Dr Bipin Patel

Dr Bipin Patel is the CEO & Founder of electronRx, a deep tech startup based in Cambridge, UK, developing novel chronic disease and hospital patient management solutions.


Dr. Patel is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in medical engineering, drug development and commercialisation. He has been Chief Scientific Officer, Chief Business Development Officer, Drug Development Director, Board Director, Chairman and CEO in numerous biotech companies, and has also held leadership positions in big pharma including Pierre Fabre, Merck KGaA and GSK.

He studied Biochemistry and Pharmacology before completing his Masters & PhD in Medical Engineering, respectively. He has since become a named inventor on over 10 patent families in and around medical devices and has taken oncology drug-device combinations from molecule to market in the US and Japan.


Due to this rare and privileged insight the technological R&D and innovation spheres, clinical practice, pharma drug, & business development, Dr. Patel is a key digital health thought leader working on the frontlines of deep tech innovation in healthcare.


Dr. Patel’s admiration for the endless complexity of human physiology and his real-life experience of the limitations of generalised pharmacological medicine inspired the creation of electronRx, aiming to build the interface between technology, the human body and healthcare organisations.

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We're working with healthcare providers, payers and pharmaceutical companies across the globe to develop our novel health technologies.

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