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Press Release: September 13th, 2023

Apple Leaves Door Open For Android To Lead The Way On Innovation

Apple announced the launch of the iPhone 15 on 12th September to worldwide fanfare. The manufacturer hailed the new mobile phone as a ‘huge leap forward’ for the brand, with new attractive design features, including colour, contoured edges, and colour-infused black glass. 

Upon closer inspection of the new features, it is evident that, once again, the brand has focused on user-impression as opposed to developing or installing new technologies that will revolutionise the use of mobile phones outside of photography, telephony, and messaging. This leaves the door open for other manufacturers to lead the way with future innovations. 

Dr Bipin Patel, CEO of electronRx, said of the announcement: “Apple reached its incredible level of success through technological innovation – bringing to the market exciting technologies that the general user could only have imagined. Whilst the camera technology, the improved battery life and increased safety features are significant for the user and are welcomed, that appears to be the only feature update across the latest models. We have seen little advancement in technology that has the ‘wow factor’, which could open the door for other manufacturers to continue increasing their market share in the future by being much more bold with their approach.”

Mobile technology has become increasingly utilised across industry, with mobile and health tech companies leading the way in creating working technologies for mobile phones – often adopted and installed by businesses with specific requirements, including healthcare. electronRx is a leading, Cambridge-based health tech company that has developed a technology that would enhance the functionality of mobile devices to revolutionise healthcare and patient care.

Dr Patel explains: “As an innovative and creative health tech company, we are focused on delivering a new technological solution that has wider applications across healthcare, focusing on patient care and helping them manage lifelong and critical conditions. Our technology would propel a mobile device from being  the latest accessory for the user to a professional tool for healthcare professionals. I was disappointed to see little innovation of this level from Apple in this new release. I believe they have handed other manufacturers an opportunity to capitalise on the increasing need for installed technology to enhance healthcare – and other sectors – making the brand more attractive to both the consumer and professional markets.”

electronRx has developed an innovative technology that enhances the functionality of existing technology within the phone to become a ‘Doctor in Your Pocket’. The technology, supported by an AI algorithm application, will enhance patient awareness and understanding of their ongoing conditions whilst providing essential, real-time bio signs and medical data to their healthcare professional to reduce the need for regular appointments, reducing emergency department overcrowding and the 8am rush for GP appointments whilst freeing up resources within the healthcare sector.

Charlotte Townsend: Head of Marketing


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