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electronRx has developed a proprietary suite of digital solutions that capture physiological cardiac and pulmonary functions including heart and respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, pulmonary hypertension and lung function.


These suite of solutions are digital apps are built onto the iPhone and uses the camera to capture and measure the blood flow around the face that is invisible to the human eye. A typical 30-60 second measurement captures millions of data points, which are then converted into digital bio-markers that capture a range of physiological measurements.


In addition to patient use, our solutions also enhance the cabin experience within the automotive industry. By utilising the same algorithms, our technology seamlessly integrates into a car's dashboard, enabling the detection of fatigue and stress conditions. This capability is crucial for ensuring road safety and preventing accidents for drivers.


orangeDx is a pulmonary measurement device built to medical device standards, empowering patients to manage breathing disorders effectively, leading to improved patient outcomes.


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Using our experience in digital biomarkers, our technology can be configured to detect driver drowsiness, fatigue and stress with zero engagement and intrusion with the technology.



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electronRx partner with healthcare providers, payers and pharmaceutical companies across the globe, harnessing the power of digital biomarkers to manage breathing disorders effectively.


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