A Revolution in Healthcare

The technology exists, today, to revolutionise modern therapeutics, completely changing the healthcare industry as we know it.

We are combining artificial intelligence and digital pharmaceuticals to create a totally new category of therapeutic, bio-electronic medicine.

Today’s therapeutics are…

 …Partial, and temporary, with harmful side effects

Many of today’s therapeutics achieve limited results through chemicals, biologics, radiation, or surgery alone. These work in isolation and are indirect, and system-wide — they lose efficacy in the desired area of effect, and cause unwanted side effects elsewhere.

Today’s therapeutics have little to no effect on many chronic illnesses.


It’s very hard to predict how drugs will behave on a case-by-case basis, and data collection is labour intensive.

Inefficient and expensive to develop…

Discovering, developing, and testing iterative therapeutics is a trillion dollar industry worldwide. This affects the drugs’ price, some costing between £450,000 and £1,000,000*.

*Glybera (2017)

So We’re Hacking Healthcare…

Advanced implants have shown that chronic diseases can be effected by nervous stimulation. With modern AI and machine learning, we can decode the body’s nervous signals, which will then allow us to directly control organ functions.

Our Vision…

…is to completely revolutionise modern healthcare with the introduction of a fifth therapeutic. This will change the way we treat patients with current therapeutics, dramatically increasing their efficacy.

App-based Diagnostics…

foneDx is our proprietary suite of diagnostic apps for Android and iOS devices, that provide for early detection and continuous monitoring of debilitating heart and lung conditions. It is a dedicated clinical product for the management of chronic and acute cardiac, respiratory and digestive tract conditions, that includes heart failure, pulmonary diseases, irritable bowel syndrome and depression.

foneDx is an early warning system for reactive care and preventive medicine. It provides hospital-grade diagnostics for cardiac and respiratory conditions for both consumer and clinician. It is designed to empower and engage patients, doctors and insurance providers.

foneDx medical-apps are currently on a path to US-FDA / European-MHRA regulatory approval.