Creating a new class of digital healthcare technologies to empower individuals and healthcare professionals


 About Us

ElectronRx is a digital healthcare company leading disruptive development in remote diagnostics and non-invasive pain-management technology.

We are developing ground breaking digital healthcare technologies, harnessing AI and machine learning, signal processing and connected devices. Our aim is to enable early detection, monitoring of existing conditions and pain-management.

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We are striving to enable individuals to monitor their health, remotely, accurately and conveniently. FoneDx will turn your smartphone into a remote diagnostic platform, providing individuals and clinicians with information about cardiovascular and pulmonary health. By keeping track of your health, we help individuals monitor their conditions, identify any problems and progress towards personal health goals.

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Pain Management

Our experienced team is working towards developing Ohmm, a personalised pain management system enabling people to live their lives in comfort. Utilising safe, low current electrical pulses, we can relieve your pain; anytime, anywhere.

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Corporate Wellness

Mental health is a crucial aspect of personal well-being. The workplace in particular, can be a very stressful environment. With our Corporate Wellness technology, we aim to alleviate stress in the workplace giving employees the ability to anonymously track their day to day well-being, using clinically validated protocols. For employers, our platform provides metrics that allow them to quantify the stress of the workforce.