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deep tech


Here’s where you’ll find our active projects and ongoing research.

chronic disease management

Scalable chronic 
disease management
& prevention

Our healthcare systems currently have no means
of effectively delivering the
long-term, frequent monitoring needed to manage chronic disease.


Blueprint (incl. FoneDx API) is scaling the measurement of medical-grade cardiovascular and pulmonary health metrics using just smartphone sensors in an effort to transform our understanding of high-quality chronic care and alleviate the unsustainably high costs caused by non-compliance and readmissions. Working with leading cardiologists, we are building out hybrid 
cardiovascular disease

management plans consisting of a highly-engaging app and a real-time monitoring dashboard personalised to the patient and the provider in an effort to turn the tide on the leading cause of death (17.9 million people per year) globally.

emergency department crowding

once & for all

Working with some of the world’s most innovative emergency medicine leaders, we are developing the ED3 platform to equip medical and administrative staff with the actionable, predictive insights and foresights 
they need to alleviate the throughput and output causes of ED and wider hospital crowding.


By harnessing the power of machine learning, we are tackling the overwhelming economic burden of increased lengths of stay, streamlining the patient journey and significantly improving patient safety and experience.

Paving the way for personalised digital medicine

Our further research includes the exploration of neuromodulation, AI and machine learning in advancing the treatment of a number of underserved conditions across epilepsy, chronic pain and women’s health. This research is paving the way for personalised digital medicines which harness our ability to sense the physiological environment of each individual and use these insights to inform personalised therapeutic interventions.

Our products are powered by machine
learning in the eRx Cloud

pioneering technology
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