Your wearable menstrual-pain relief technology

Our experienced team is working towards developing Ohmm, a personalised period-pain management system enabling women to live their lives in comfort. It works on the principle of stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms while focusing on removing the source of pain. Utilising safe, gentle and low current electrical pulses, we aim to offer relief to women who suffer from menstrual pain.

Designed to alleviate menstrual cramps fast and have a long-lasting effect.

We are here to provide a drug-free relief- Without side effects.

Empower the user; completely customized and controlled by you.

Discrete and comfortable wearable device - it is intended to be used anytime, anywhere without restricting users from their normal daily activities.


How it works?



By sending short wave forms of current and voltage we stimulate the muscle, forcing the tension to be released and alleviating much of the pain without any associated side effects



Simultaneously, the stimulation increments the production of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), enhancing the growth of new blood vessels

OHM_3 3.jpg


This results in increased blood flow around the affected area, reducing pain and inflammation caused by ischemia. Both actions combined achieve quick pain relief with a long-lasting effect that lasts for hours and even days.


How to use it?

STEP 1: Connect Ohmm to the pads and place them over your abdomen or lower back.

STEP 2: Switch it on and connect it to your smartphone app. 

STEP 3: Adjust your desired settings. Ohmm app allows you to tailor the stimulation strength and time to your preferences.

STEP 4: Electric pulses will stimulate your muscles, releasing the tension and alleviating you from the pain. Sit back and say goodbye to pain!