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Press Release: July 26th, 2023

electronRx Moves To New Premises To Facilitate Growth Plans

Cambridge-based health tech company electronRx has moved into its new office within Compass House in Histon to facilitate its future expansion.

The twenty-plus team, formed in Cambridge in 2018, brings together world-leading experts from various fields to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing healthcare in the UK and around the globe. Following several successful funding rounds, the company sought premises that would facilitate its future growth as it prepares to deliver an array of healthcare solutions to the market.

Dr Bipin Patel, CEO of electronRx, commented: “Not only are we on the cusp of delivering our software solutions to market, but we are also constantly researching innovations and technologies to make positive change in the healthcare sector. The company has seen significant investment to enable the continuation of our work, which means we can invest in people and have seen significant team growth. It was important to retain Cambridge as our base, and this new office provides the space we need to enable our long-term expansion plans.”

electronRx has been developing contemporary mobile software solutions to address issues faced in healthcare settings, including the NHS and health services globally. One new piece of software, which uses the technology within smartphones and other mobile devices to read essential biometrics in the patient, has been through trials in recent months and is due to launch soon. The API software installed in the phone uses AI algorithms to analyse the data collected - which is then stored in the cloud - to assist patients with managing their life-long or critical conditions through an easy-to-use app and providing valuable insight for healthcare professionals.

In addition, a suite of consumer-friendly health apps is on the horizon, as Charlotte Townsend, Senior Marketing Manager, explains: “The majority of the work we are doing is around software and deep tech, the elements you don’t see that perform essential functions to turn your existing technology into a reliable healthcare tool. However, to empower the patient to monitor and control their condition and health, it requires an easy-to-use, understandable, and engaging user interface. In developing an app to deliver this, our experts have also been simultaneously working on a range of health and wellbeing apps for everyday use by consumers, which we are excited to launch very soon.” 

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