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Health Economics: Download Our White Paper Now

May 2nd, 2024

"The real drive behind the enhanced diagnosis of AF is to reduce the global stroke burden. In the UK there are 113,000 strokes a year, and over 950,000 stroke survivors among those 45 years and over. The NHS Long Term Plan commits to the prevention of 150,000 strokes, heart attacks and dementia cases by 2029 through the earlier detection and treatment of CVD risk factors"

This paper gives a snapshot of the current situation in healthcare for cardiac and pulmonary conditions and how this can be addressed by the foneDx technology created by electronRx.

Compiled by the electronRx team and leading clinical expertise from the NHS.

electronRx has compiled this white paper alongside leading clinical expertise from the NHS to provide a comprehensive overview of the current situation in healthcare for cardiac and pulmonary conditions, how it can be addressed with foneDx technology, the future landscape as well as the opportunities for a scalable solution to solve large scale healthcare issues globally.

Contents of the white paper:
- Atrial Fibrillation (AF)
- Current AF Screening
- Future Outlook for AF
- COPD Summary
- Current COPD Screening
- Future Outlook for COPD
- Difficulties in AF Treatment Compliance References

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