Evaluate stress levels & emotional health in the workplace

Excessive stress in the workplace can be one of the most important factors that interfere with the employees' productivity and performance but also with their emotional health. If you are a manager, supervisor or an employer our platform can help your employees manage their work-related stress! One of the key ways to assure that your employees' wellbeing is being taken care of is to focus on a cloud-based solution; FoneDx Corporate Wellness provides an effective evaluation of the wellbeing of your workforce, by directly monitoring their physiological and emotional parameters.

Our Corporate Wellness app will give your employees the ability to evaluate their stress levels and emotional health in the workplace but also keep a track on their day to day physiological activity. It aims to empower people to take control over their well-being, reduce stress and improve their overall health. For employers, our platform provides metrics that allow them to quantify the stress of the workforce.

Anonymously tracks your day to day well-being

Requires little to no input from the user

Provides clinically validated protocols and a reliable evidence based approach for evaluating the effectiveness of workplace wellness interventions and resulting lifestyle changes.

FoneDx can uniquely detect physiological changes that occur in response to stress/anxiety

So, how does our body respond to stress?

When a person experiences excessive stress, the autonomic nervous system (ANS) is activated, leading to the release of stress hormones. In the short term, it can cause measurable physiological changes such as increases in the heart rate, decreases in heart rate variability, raised blood pressure and increased respiration rate. However, chronic stress can result in the chronic activation of ANS, which can lead to the impairment of our immune system, delay our body’s healing processes and musculoskeletal overload.


How it works?



By using clinically approved and validated questionnaires, our Corporate Wellness platform records your stress-levels and emotional state.



Recording these states over time, together with your heart rate, we can give you information about your stress-levels and provide insights helping you to manage your mental well-being.



Every step of the process is completely anonymous, but you have the choice of sharing your information with clinicians if you feel you could benefit from some more help or guidance!


Our aim is to manage to identify those at risk, surface early intervention opportunities and help employees better control, track and manage their stress and mental health.