Founded in 2017, Electronrx is a digital healthcare company, leading disruptive development in remote diagnostics, non-invasive pain management technology. We aspire to become part of the digital therapeutics industry. 

Our multidisciplinary and experienced team is working hard towards the development of digital diagnostic and therapeutics products for the relief of human suffering. Our overall purpose is to create a new class of medicine, highly tailored to the conditions of each individual, with no side effects for the patient; at the same time, offering healthcare professionals new medical insights from the vast amount of high-quality data generated. 

We are developing groundbreaking digital healthcare technologies, harnessing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, signal processing and connected devices to enable early detection, monitoring of existing conditions and pain management. 

Our products are currently in a pre-clinical, pre-market stage aiming on clinical trials. We are working towards developing two platforms; remote diagnostics and neuromuscular stimulation.

Our purpose is to contribute to our society. With this as a guiding principle, the people who constitute our small but valuable team, are striving to make a difference, no matter how big or small. The products we are developing are aligned with our values;  their standards are based on the robust, scientific foundation and our transparent corporate culture. 

People who work here are scientists engaged with the ongoing challenge of solving intriguing technical problems. Leveraging this opportunity, they learn and evolve while investing in our vision.